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Ti Kouka Consulting

Ti Kouka Consulting is the GST-registered entity established by Graeme Nicholas to contract services in systems and strategic thinking, advanced facilitation and professional development. Ti Kouka Consulting establishes teams with other experts when a project calls for this.

Graeme Nicholas

Graeme Nicholas

Graeme is a social systems consultant and researcher. Prior to 2019 he was a senior social systems researcher for the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR). He blends his degree in microbiology with postgraduate study in theology, practice as an Anglican priest, training in psychotherapy, and self-directed learning in organisation development, social systems and complexity.

He is an experience practitioner of collaborative sense-making, soft systems and open space engagement methodologies. He is the lead developer of innovative approaches to support collaborative processes.

Graeme's experience includes:

Graeme brings to his projects unconventional thinking, a creative and analytical mind, company governance experience, professional research experience and specialist training in facilitation and counselling.

Over the last twenty years, Graeme and his wife, Barbara, developed and managed a commercial walnut orchard and helped establish the walnut industry in NZ.

Selected publications

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Available here

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Available here

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Available here

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See Accepted Manuscript and Figure

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